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Glass yacht

Glass Yacht - Libor Neumann

World unique production of glass yacht. It is an acurate copy of the real sport yacht in scale 1:25

Work on this boat took 2400 hours and all its components are made from pure glass.

The dimensions of the yacht:

  • height with the stand -110 cm
  • length ā€“ 80 cm
  • width ā€“ 30 cm

 It is a precisely made model based on a real boat. The only parts left out were the insides of the boat, engines and other mechanical parts inside the hull because they would disturb the overall impression of the transparent material.

The yacht was assembled from 722 parts made exclusively from crystal glass. All the equipment on the deck corresponds to the real yacht.  The sails are made from sanded crystal glass which gives the impression of a different material. Only the hull was left empty to emphasize the beauty of the transparent material.

  • Glass yacht - Libor Neumann
  • Glass Yacht - Libor Neumann
  • Glass Yacht - Libor Neumann
  • Glass Yacht - Libor Neumann

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