Traditional lead crystal

The history of Bohemia Crystal

The history of Bohemia Crystal

The word crystal comes from an old Greek (crystal = ice). Later on the expression was used for minerals, which had pure color and were optically clean and also very hard.

Due to the distinction between man-made crystals, these minerals  have been called mountain crystal.

Lead Crystal making started when glass maker found a way how to remove the green tint, which had been caused by iron oxides in the glass sands. The first real clear glass was produced in Murano in Italy in the 16th century. Thanks to its chemical composition crystal  was too soft for engraving and cutting. This deficiency was  eliminated by the czech glassmakers, who at the turn of the 16th and 17th century improve the technology of glass manufacturing. A new chemical composition allowed them to cut and engrave perfectly. Later on the technology of crystal production had been improved with the addition of lead oxide, which inherently increases its optical qualities.

Bohemia crystal contains of 24% lead oxide. At the same time it has to fullfil the high criteria of transparency and perfect purity.

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